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Observances of an Over-Interested Mind: Introduction

I’m writing this blog as a way to explore (and exploit?) the many things I’m interested in, and I believe they’re all interesting enough that you’d want a piece of it too! And even if you don’t find the topics all that interesting and you choose not to continue reading, that’s okay because it’ll still be fun for me to do this. Just know you’re always invited along for the ride in this funny-looking van whose speakers play John Denver and Beethoven back-to-back, and where the scenery is always changing.

I think it’s important to embrace who you really are, and to explore other people’s lives and ideas, too. Learning to really like yourself, and learning from other people (even if you disagree with them) is some of what makes the good stuff— the banana pancakes—of life. So if you disagree with me about stuff I write here, no biggie. We can disagree and still like each other and learn from each other.

There are so many things that are super interesting, so we’re going to drive through the facets, scenery, sunrises, middays, and sunsets of art, music, nature, faith, books, heroes of history, places, food, smells, the single life, marriage, culture, society’s weird ways of shifting us, observances, life lessons, style, poetry, saints, personality quirks, minimalism, language, plants, self-improvement, habits, friendships, quilting, animals, writing, cathedrals, the Enneagram, National Parks, work, play, and probably some more stuff.

Let’s do what we were put on this earth to do: taste, see, observe, and rejoice.

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