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Common Thread: A Bushel & a Peck (Audio CD)

Common Thread: A Bushel & a Peck (Audio CD)


The common thread of music makes friends of strangers.
A shared love of the songs passed around amongst folks brings us gals together to celebrate the music & the traditions of these songs, as well as the chance to create new sounds together. This combination of four friends coming together from different homes, miles & months apart, to reunite in this, our musical family, reminds us just how wonderful & meaningful making music together can be. We came together for three days in late Autumn & with the gentle nudge of our idea gal and true producer, Peggy, and captured these songs on 2 microphones beside a crackling fire in a cabin called Windipine, halfway between TN & IL. We tried to stay true to the sounds we made in those days.

Peggy Browning: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Dixie Jones: Vocals, Guitar, Washboard
Maura Lally: Vocals, Guitar
Gracie (Wallace) Hogue: Vocals, Fiddle, album art



1. Kentucky

2. I Get the Blues When it Rains

3. Your Love

4. Hello My Darling

5. Angel Dream

6. Farewell to the Mountains

7. John Greer's Two-Step

8. Crooked Path

9. Lay Me Down a Pallet on Your Floor

10. Hoe-Down from Rodeo

11. Wreck of Happiness


© Copyright - Common Thread / Common Thread (888295281546)


(Album is also available for mp3 download from iTunes and Amazon)

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