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Shipping, Returns, & Download Policy 

   Shipping: We pay the shipping. Done and done. 


   Returns: If you are not satisfied with the art / print that you ordered, you can return it to us at no cost (again, we’ll pay the shipping!), and you will receive a complete refund. The Return/Exchange/Refund Policy applies up to 30 days from the date that your art was shipped to you. After those 30 days, the sale is final and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.


   Exchanges: We also provide exchanges for artworks, and we’ll pay the shipping for what you send back. If the painting you want to order in exchange costs more than the painting you want to send back, you must pay the difference. If the painting you want to order in exchange costs less than the painting you want to send back, we’ll refund you the difference.


   How to: Please visit our Contact Us section of the Home page and send us a message regarding the artwork’s return or exchange. If possible, please let us know why you’d like it returned or exchanged (ex.: “it arrived damaged,” “it isn’t what I thought I wanted,” “I want a different size,” “I want to exchange it for another painting,” etc.) so we can be aware of any improvements we may need to make on our end. Nothing is more important to us than making sure you enjoy shopping for art at Woodland & Wing!

Download Policy

   We love it when people share our website with other people and recommend us. Seriously, we do. But downloading an image from the site to share / use without reference to Woodland & Wing, Gracie Hogue, or the website, is definitely not helpful. Please don’t use our images without permission (feel free to ask, though!), and please don’t download an image to print for yourself. Also, these images are copyrighted, so don’t copy them and say you painted them. That’s theft, and your mama taught you better than that.


   The main thing is: if you’re not sure about something, just ask! For answers to your questions, please visit our FAQ page (your question / answer may be there), or visit the Contact Us section on the Home page.

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