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  • Does Gracie Hogue paint commissions?
    Gracie Hogue does not normally paint commissions. However, if you go to the Contact Us section of the Home page, you may begin a conversation with Gracie Hogue and ask if she is available to paint a commissioned painting.
  • If I write a check, who do I make it out to? Woodland & Wing, or Gracie Hogue?"
    Please make your checks out to Gracie Hogue.
  • How soon will my order ship once I order it?
    Since this is a privately-run business, it may take a day or so for your order to process. If the print you have ordered is in stock, it may be one or two days before it is shipped. If the order is out of stock, it may be 1-2 weeks (3 weeks tops) for it to ship to you.
  • Why do the prices vary between print sizes?
    Prices vary between sizes because of the cost of printing. The added cost is directly related to the price of production. The base price is for a 5x7" print. For an 8x10" print, $5 is added to the price. For an 11x14" print, $10 is added to the price. For a 16x20" print, $25 is added to the price.
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